What are Lithium Solar Batteries?

Lithium Solar Batteries is battery made with combination of Lithium cells. Lithium Solar batteries comes with longer life cycle and are good for environment. Lithium Solar batteries are lighter in weight than traditional lead acid batteries. Lithium Solar batteries need less space and whereas traditional lead acid batteries need more space with multiple quantities.

Lithium Solar battery Price list

Lithium ion batteries comes in wide range of products starts from 12V, pricing starts from Rs. 30000/- and above.

What are Advantages of Lithium Solar battery?

  • Transportation of batteries

Logistics of Lithium batteries are more easier and cost efficient. The weight of Lithium batteries are less than traditional lead acid batteries.

  • Fast Charging

Lithium batteries charge are faster speed, Lithium batteries generally charges between 2-4 hours than lead acid battery takes more than 12 hours to full charges.

  • Maintenance Free

Lithium batteries are maintenance free and do not need acid or distilled water maintenance as needed in traditional lead acid batteries.

  • High Life Cycle

Lithium batteries have more than 2000+ life cycle than lead acid batteries. The life span of Lithium batteries are more than 8+ years.