What makes Exide Inverter Batteries India’s No.1

From homes and offices…to shops and restaurants. From schools and start-ups to bungalows and warehouses. From Mysore to Coimbatore. And Bhopal to Bardhaman. Exide inverter batteries have been powering the nation, every day for over seventy years. Switching on little joys of life to empowering big dreams, its wide range of inverter batteries and HUPS are lighting up millions of lives across the country. As a progressive brand fuelled by its innate spirit of innovation and driven by years of best-in-class technology, today Exide takes pride in being the No.1 inverter battery brand of India.

Exide brings you India’s best inverter batteries with:

  • Guarantee longer life and higher power output.
  • Higher backups.
  • Minimal plate failures.
  • Ability to withstand long and frequent power outages.
  • Ability to recover from deep discharge.
  • Require lesser topping-up frequency.
  • Have better thermal management.

As a customer-centric brand, Exide has been the brand of choice for the quality of support and services it provides with each of its products. No wonder, millions of Indians have preferred Exide as the best power-backup solution for their homes and offices.

  • Pan India service network
  • 170 service centres, 1250 service empowered dealers and 7500 after-sales & service dealers
  • 600+ on field Home service technicians with Mobile App
  • Online and Offline payment facilities available during service visits
  • Service available through Phone call or WhatsApp or Website
  • 6 days a week
  • Same day local service
  • Service at doorstep.
  • Claim Battery pickup and drop facilities available in selected city

Exide Inverter Battery available in wide range and models are available. Exide Short Tubular, Tall Tubular Batteries.

Exide Inva Tubular Inverter Battery Models are

  • IT500, IT500+, IT750, IT850, IT950 from 150Ah, 180Ah, 200Ah, 230Ah, 260Ah respectively with 66 Months Warranty (48M+18M)

Exide Inva Master Inverter Battery Models are

  • IMST1000, IMST1500, IMTT1200, IMTT1500, IMTT1650, IMTT1800, IMTT2000, IMTT2300 from 100Ah, 150Ah, 115Ah, 150Ah, 165Ah, 180Ah, 200Ah, 220Ah respectively with 60 Months warranty (36M+24M)

Exide Tube Master Inverter Battery Models are

  • TMTT1500, TMTT2000 150Ah & 180Ah respectively with 54 Months Warranty 36+18 Months warranty.

Exide Inva Gold Inverter Battery Models are

  • IGST1500 & IGTT1500

Exide Inva Plus Inverter Battery Models are 

  • IPST1000, IPST1350, IPST1500, IPTT1500 from 100Ah, 135Ah, 150Ah & 150Ah respectively with 42 months warranty 24+18M

Exide Inva King Inverter Battery Models are 

  • IK5000 (150Ah with 42 months warranty 21+21)

Exide Insta Brite Inverter Battery Models are

  • IB880, IB1000, IB1500 from 88Ah, 100Ah, 150Ah Flat Plate Battery with 36 months warranty 18+18M

Warranty of Exide Inverter Battery ranges from 18+18 months to 66Months months warranty.

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