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Choosing Right battery to Match your Inverter

The life and performance of an inverter are very much dependent on battery quality. The capacity of a battery is expressed in terms of Ampere Hour (Ah). It indicates:

  • No.  of back up hours
  • Power Requirement
  • Voltage of the battery

Power battery’s basic function is to store power and supply the same during the power cut. Inverter batteries are of 3 types: Tubular, Gel, Flat Plate, Lithium Battery

Flat Plate Battery

Flat plate batteries are the fastest charging inverter batteries and are exceptionally fit to use in areas with short but frequent power cuts. These batteries are pocket friendly and comes at a cheaper price than Tubular batteries or Gel batteries.

Flat plate batteries typically requires more water top up and maintenance than Tubular batteries and generally serves for a shorter life than tubular battery and Gel battery. So, when you are looking for the best battery for inverter, keep these details in mind and see if it fits with your power requirements.

Tubular Battery

Tubular batteries are the best inverter batteries which are recommended for areas with long power cuts. Tubular design enables tubular batteries to handle heavy load appliances and provide backup for longer period of time.

Tubular batteries are usually expensive than Flat plate batteries but requires minimal level of maintenance or water top up and last for a longer duration of time. If installed & maintained properly a tubular battery can last for years and in some cases it can last for more than 8 years. Hence, you can consider this if you are looking for the best inverter battery for home.

Gel Battery

Gel Batteries are known for Zero maintenance as these best inverter batteries does not require any water topping up. Gel batteries also ensure minimal fume emission from battery and does not allow any acid spillage.

These batteries are comparatively more expensive than tubular batteries and flat plate batteries but is a consistent performer in terms of power backup also gel battery emits least amount of harmful gases when compared from a tubular or a flat plate battery.

Lithium Battery

Lithium Battery also known for Lithium ion & Lithium Phosphate Batteries as the new age technology batteries that do not require water top up. Lithium batteries are less in weight as compared with other traditional batteries. Lithium battery do not emit harmful gases. Lithium batteries have more life than lead acid batteries.

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How to Choose Right Inverter Battery Combo for your Home?

Calculate load requirement, you need 2 basic understanding.

  • No of appliances you wish to run during power cut.
  • Power Consumption of each appliance.
Appliance Power(A) Nos (B) Total (AxB)
Fan 75 W 4 300 W
Tube 20 W 3 60 W
Led Light 9 W 8 72 W
TV 125 W 1 125 W
Wifi 25 W 1 25 W
Total Load 582 W

With above set of appliances the load requirement during power cut is 582W. Basis this requirement we can calculate which VA rated inverter will be suitable for your home. (VA rating stand for volt ampere which is Inverter rating)
To calculate VA rating: Power Consumption x Safety Margin
In this case: 582W x 1.45 = 844 VA (approx.)
So, to run a load of 582W you will need an inverter of 900 VA.