Dabzon Max Pro 150Ah MP15072ST Tubular Battery with 72 months warranty

  • Battery Warranty: 72* Months
  • (36M Replacement + 36M Prorata)
  • Battery Capacity: 150AH
  • Battery Type: Short Tubular
7,080 Including GST
10,580 Including GST

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Battery Type: Tubular. Engineered with cutting-edge technology to provide you with reliable power backup. With an advanced tubular design.

Dabzon inverter batteries ensure consistent performance during power cuts, making them perfect for home, office & Shops backups.

All our batteries undergo rigorous testing and certifications.

Dabzon inverter batteries are compatible with all inverter brands and ensure uninterrupted power for a wide range of applications.

Dabzon is very low maintenance battery that requires water top-up not more than 1-2 times a year.

Dabzon provides Onsite Warranty with paperless Warranty Registration.

Order now and elevate your backup solutions to new heights with Dabzon Inverter batteries.

Additional information

Battery Brand

Dabzon India

Battery Capacity

101Ah to 150Ah

Battery Technology

Short Tubular

Battery Warranty

72 months

Country of Origin


Manufacturer & Packer

Dabzon India